The Langtang Gosaikunda trek is a travel to see the alpine freshwater glacier lake called Gosaikunda residing at the elevation of 4380meter inside the Langtang National Park of Rasuwa District of Nepal. The main highlighted feature of this trek is the exotic 108 glacier lakes that is scattered around the Gosaikunda region along with surrounding beautiful Himalayas, beautiful landscapes, lush wild nature with picturesque sceneries, delightful forest etc. The Langtang Gosaikunda trek is a tourist destination because of fascinating natural beauty along with untamed traditional civilization of Tamang, Sherpa still making their livelihood by agriculture farming, animal rearing, yak pastures and cheese business. The Gosaikunda Lake has great religious value to hindu religion and is place of pilgrimage for Hindus around the world. The Gosainkunda Lake is said to be originated by digging of land by Lord Shiva by his holy Trident when he was looking for source of water and created 108 lakes in this region.
There are several trekking trails to Gosaikunda Lake from different places of Kathmandu city. We take the shortest of all trekking trail to Gosainkunda Lake which is Dhunche to Gosainkunda which is generally 6-days trip. The tourists take land vehicle to Dhunche Bazar which is generally 6-7 hours ride from Kathmandu city. The travelers rest at Dhunche Bazar for the first day and the next day they follow the trekking trail to Chandan Bari passing through Deurali. The travelers rest at Chandan Bari which also called Sing Gompa and next day they move towards Gosainkunda passing through Lauribinayak. After crossing Lauribinayak the travelers reach Gosainkunda. The travelers do their sightseeing and hiking in the Gosainkunda region and use the same route while returning to Dhunche. The travelers take land vehicle from Dhunche to Kathmandu.